Horgos, 2016. július 11. Migránsok a szerb-magyar határ közelében, Horgosnál 2016. július 11-én. A határ szerbiai oldalán az Európia Unió nyugati államaiba igyekvõ több száz migráns táborozik arra várva, hogy valahogyan bejusson Magyarországra. MTI Fotó: Molnár Edvárd

Budapest (MTI) – The Hungarian government firmly rejects European plans to impose a fine on countries against a “forced settlement” of migrants, the government information centre said on Monday.

In a statement, they insisted that “unlike several other countries, Hungary has enforced EU rules from the beginning, it has protected Europe’s Schengen borders, it has stopped and registered entrants, separating economic migrants and refugees from war zones”.

The number of asylum-seekers in Hungary exceeded 177,000 last year, and 23,000 in 2016, the statement added. The Hungarian state spends a monthly 140,000 forints (EUR 450) on services for one asylum-seeker, “nearly twice as much as the net minimum wage,” authors of the statement said.

On the other hand, the EU would fine Hungary 78 million forints for each rejected migrant, “the equivalent of a sum a Hungarian employee makes in 40 years”, the document said. At the same time, the bloc “spends one million forints on a Hungarian national”, it added.

In its statement, the information centre also warned that the European plans are aimed at a “permanent distribution mechanism”, while the number of new entrants to Europe cannot be predicted.

Photo: MTI (in Serbia)

Source: MTI

  1. I applaud the Hungarian stand against the imposition of EU immigration quotas.
    This is called democracy something the EU appear to have no regard for, “The peoples will”. It is time that the EU Commissioners woke up to the needs of the real world. The implosion of millions of migrants will alter the face of the country they move into beyond all recognition and could wipe off the culture of that country and force the host nation into bankrupcy in looking after the new arrivals.
    The UK is waking up to what appears to be the allowance of Sharia law as some 100 centres have recently opened throughout the UK.

  2. Why does Serbia not protect its borders? Why does Greece, Macedonia and Bulgaria still sending migrants towards Northern Europe? No country wants them, not Austria, Germany, Belgium, France, etc.. Why should Hungary be stuck with people it does not want. Europe, have you ever heard of fair play. Hungary should leave the EU and let the EU find another patsy.

  3. Proudly brought to you by Junker, Merkel, Soros and the globalist socialist communist elite. Bunch of A-holes. They looking to create a world akin to a mad max and resident evil movie where they are in supreme power and control. De-population by war and chaos is their ultimate goal. Let the masses kill each other off. A smaller population who has gone through the horrors of war and global chaos will gladly accept a world power offering a false sense of peace. Strangely sounds like the anti-christ and the beast of revelations are currently at work in a big way. Its just so blatant and not hidden anymore. I think we are about to see the greatest and most terrible events in human history take place before our eyes.

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