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László Trócsányi, Hungary’s justice minister, met his Polish counterpart Zbigniew Ziobro for talks in Warsaw on Friday.

Parties at the talks agreed that Europe must avoid applying double standards, Trócsányi told MTI by phone after the talks. They also discussed mechanisms of a rule of law, as a subject relevant for both countries, he added.

The European Union should avoid practices in which central European countries are assessed differently from western states, Trocsanyi said. He insisted that “European values are shared; there are no (different) central European and western European values”.

Trócsányi and Zbioro agreed that public trust in the judicial system is of great importance.

“People expect a quick and efficient justice system everywhere·, Trócsányi said.

Trócsányi noted the debates with the European Commission and other international organisations when Hungary’s Fundamental Law entered into force in 2011. He also said “phenomena brought about by globalisation” and international organisations “behaving like a new branch of power” as challenges of the era.

Source: MTI

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