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From approximately 100 contestants, Creppy Restaurant’s conception from Hungarian city Miskolc became one of the 20 most ambitious franchise companies in the world. As a Hungarian company, Creppy got the opportunity to represent the franchise and make Hungary more popular next year, at the competition of the International Franchise Association in Las Vegas.

According to, the Hungarian franchise got exemplary reviews from critics and is hugely popular in Miskolc. Réka Oszlánczi, the owner of Creppy Franchise, won a special prize in 2014 as the most influential young franchise owner and held several presentations all over the country. She also represented Hungary in the United States in 2016.

“Creppy’s concept is unique and offers a whole other side to the gastronomy. Our franchise represents a gastronomical experience that cannot be found in any other restaurant”- said Réka Oszlánczi.

The Creppy Restaurant was opened in 2006 in Avas, which is a part of Miskolc, and won several Hungarian and international awards. The restaurant’s unique pancakes and the way they are made and served is exceptional, and the restaurant offers an amazing experience and atmosphere.


The International Franchise Association organises its annual congress next year in Las Vegas, where young franchise owners can share their experiences.

This participation in the conference will not only be beneficial for Creppy but will also make the North-Hungarian region more significant and popular.

NextGen franchise’s purpose with this movement is to provide a significant improvement and popularity for the 20 most ambitious franchise companies every year.

The Hungarian delegation also got the opportunity to meet different kinds of investors as well as the management of the biggest franchise companies, like McDonald’s, Subway and KFC.

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