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Budapest, October 17 (MTI) – Poverty and social exclusion are in conflict with the basic right to human dignity, Hungary’s deputy ombudsman said on Monday, which is International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

For historical reasons, members of Hungary’s Roma community generally face social, livelihood and housing problems in far greater numbers than non-Roma people, Erzsébet Sándor Szalay said in a statement.

Combating poverty in Hungary is therefore an especially complex challenge, she said, adding that this task could only be accomplished in conjunction with fighting social exclusion and discrimination.

The only way people facing difficulties can hope to have a chance of upwards mobility is if they can be certain they would not face discrimination over their ethnic background, Erzsebet Sandor Szalay said.

The fight to end social injustice requires an active and responsible approach from all parties involved, she added.

Source: MTI

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