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Hungary’s political future turns on 2018 election, says Socialist MEP Ujhelyi

Hungary’s political future turns on 2018 election, says Socialist MEP Ujhelyi

Budapest, May 9 (MTI) – The 2018 general election is going to decide whether Hungary carries on along the path of the European Union or sides with Putin’s Russia, István Ujhelyi, MEP and deputy leader of the Socialist Party, said on Tuesday.

Speaking at a press briefing in front of the Parliament, Ujhelyi noted that May 9 is Europe Day, a cause for celebration throughout the bloc. In Hungary, however, the EU flag adorns Parliament only if the Socialists hang it from a window, he said.

Ujhelyi said that László Botka, the Socialists’ prime minister-candidate, would present a pro-European agenda in his programme, and Hungary’s next parliament, composed of a majority of European-oriented democrats, would return the EU flag to the building.

“Instead of waging a war on Brussels, our programme would envisage introducing the euro, creating a fair society and participating in the EU reforms,” he said.


The anti-Europe “revolution” Prime Minister Viktor Orbán had announced earlier in the year failed in the Netherlands, Austria and France, Ujhelyi said. “[Right-wing French presidential candidate Marine] Le Pen and Orbán are looked upon as subversives in Europe, trying to dismantle the EU, and the backlash has now arrived”, he said, referring to the Dutch general election and the Austrian and French presidential elections, in all of which pro-Europe forces prevailed.

Emmanuel Macron, the French president elected on Sunday, and other pro-Europe politicians dream of a Europe where Orban’s illiberal politics have no place, Ujhelyi said. If the incumbent establishment is not “cleared away” in the coming elections, all Hungarians will run risk of being left behind in the safe progress the EU provides, he said.


Source: MTI

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