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The European Commission published its annual Education and Training Monitor for 2020, and said that Hungary spent 5.1 percent of its budget on the sector, exceeding the EU average, which was at 4.6 percent of GDP.

The Human Resources Ministry said in a statement on Friday that, according to the report, the student-teacher ratio was also above the EU average.

Hungary has one teacher per 10.6 children on average, the report said. In the EU, the average ratio is 13.6 students per teacher, it said.

The report said the root of that difference was the declining number of students in Hungary, adding that there was a preponderance of ageing teachers in Hungary’s public education system and “increasing free capacities”.

Regarding pre-school education, the report found that 95.7 percent of four-year-olds are enrolled in kindergartens in Hungary, while the EU average is 94.8 percent. The ratio of Roma children attending kindergarten is the highest in the region, the ministry cited the report as saying.

Fully 11.8 percent of students dropped out of education in 2020, a 0.7 percent improvement since last year, the report said.

Based on the OECD’s 2018 PISA report, the EC highlighted substandard performances in mathematics, literacy and sciences. The ministry noted in its statement, however, that the students’ performance had improved in every subject since 2015.

The report praised the infrastructure development programme in schools launched in 2018.

Regarding the switch to digital education during the pandemic, the report put the ratio of children remaining without education in the period at 20 percent, a figure at odds with the ministry’s own data, the ministry said.

In its report, the EC outlined recommendations regarding developing digital competencies, equal access to education and increasing capacities at creches, the ministry said.

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  1. It’s not how much we spend on education but WHAT we spend it on!! It doesn’t matter how smart you are, If your not taught how to use it and life skills to how to work with it you might as well throw the money into the wind!! Simple things like make it mandatory that high school have to learn how to TYPE to graduate among other life skills. The other half is about learning how to take care of the health – DON’T START SMOKING – teach them that it’s not cool to smoke and how much it will cost them in life.
    If they don’t learn these skills in high school, they are toast! You might as well spend the money on rehab. Why do they build special smoking areas around high schools? Neighbors have to put up nosmoking signs and notes not to smoke in fron of their windows.! Shame on the Faculty, parents and the Government!

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