The committee that examines the Russian intervention in the American presidential election of 2016 studied the visit of the president’s campaign advisor in Budapest in the same year, as reported. News channel ABC states that the Carter Page’s visit last year caught the attention of the committee because Hungary is developing a close relationship to Russia.

They also mentioned that Viktor Orbán was the first open supporter of Donald Trump from outside America and that Budapest is one of the centers of the Russian intelligence. 

Though Page seemed to be an unimportant person in the campaign, he was greeted in Hungary by influential people: the prime minister’s foreign policy advisor Jenő Megyesy dedicated 45 minutes for him during a national diet. Page introduced himself as a member of Trump’s foreign affairs crew. Megyesy confirmed these, but he also added that he agreed to meet Page because the US ambassador at that time, Réka Szemerkényi asked him to do so. He added that Page did not seem to be an expert in the region’s issues. Megyesy felt that he did not pay attention to be up-to-date in Hungary’s affairs. They also discussed the US-Hungary relations, which were quite dire at that time.

Page was asked about Budapest by the committee, but he only had faded memories. He only claimed that he had met a Hungarian representative but he could not remember whom. However, Megyesy stated that he talked face-to-face with Page, but the American party did not remember it clearly.

He only recalled a Russian person walking by. According to his words, they did not talk about anything serious or significant.

Trump’s advisor visited Budapest once again, this time with Réka Szemerkényi, who was called back to Hungary in April. They have known each other from a Republican candidate convention in Cleveland last spring, and they also met in October 2016 in the Hungarian Embassy in Washington DC. Szemerkényi stated that these were only “friendly meetings for the sake of politeness.”



  1. Will the swamp be muffled? – This is why the fall of the Clintons can have a domino effect.
    Over the past decades, the Clintons have organized a worldwide network consisting of influential politicians, oligarchs, businessmagnates and royals. Wall Street analyst and research journalist Charles Ortel calls it ‘the sect of unregulated globalism’. The fall of the Clintons can cause this network to fall apart, he told press agency Sputnik. ‘Clinton, Bush and Obama have embraced the sect of unregulated globalism, within which a small group of billionaires, multinationals, scientists and media are trying to dominate the political agenda’, Ortel said.
    According to him, the powerful network is the reason why the Clintons have not yet been prosecuted. But now that the political landscape in the US is slowly changing, it is possible that they will finally be tackled, he says. ‘Everybody asks why the Ministry of Justice and the FBI do not investigate the dishonest Hillary & Democrats’, tweeted President Trump in early November 2017.
    Donna Brazile’s new book states that she stole the primaries from the Democrats, he added. What about the deleted emails, uranium deal, Podesta, the server, and so on.
    Will the fall of Clintons have a domino effect? According to the research journalist this is possible. In Saudi-Arabia, Clinton’s henchmen are already being thrown aside. For example, Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, one of the richest people in the world, has been arrested. He regularly donates huge amounts to ‘the Clinton Foundation’ and is a fierce opponent of Trump.
    The Ukrainian oligarch Viktor Pintsjuk is also a good friend of the Clintons. The Clinton Foundation started working with Viktor and Elena Pintsjuk in 2004 or 2005, noted Ortel. In September 2013, just before the Euromaidan Revolution, Pintsjuk organized the 10th Yalta Annual Meeting in Crimea. Bill Clinton was one of the special guests. Another good friend of the Clintons is the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Canadian government agencies have supported the Clinton Foundation since 2002, but refuse to give details about the amounts involved or what is being done with the money, says Ortel.
    Bill Clinton also did a lot of charity work with Bill Gates and Rajat Gupta. In 2012, Gupta, former director of Goldman Sachs (the bank of Mario Draghi!) was convicted of insider trading. He had to pay a fine of $ 13.9 million. In India, the Clinton Foundation also worked with the Indian company Ranbaxy. In May 2013, Ranbaxy Laboratories LTD was found guilty of selling ineffective medicines to AIDS patients. The facts are on the table, Ortel said. The question now is when the authorities will go deeper into this.
    And now the US is starting an examination on Hungary’s contacts with countries that the US don’t like? It should be better to start research work into the Clintons and their ‘Foundation’, It is a very dangerous family, not only because they are supported by Soros/Schwartz bu also because of their relations with criminals. It was this family that created the chaos in Tunesia, starting ‘the Arabic Spring’ that has takenj the lives of may innocent people all over the world.

  2. Hillary Clinton is responsible for the chaos in Libya,and the ensuing,non-stop migrant problem.Since Muammar Qaddafi’s slaughter,the country is a big mess, out of control. Clinton’s greatest achievement!

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