During the renovation process of the 143-year-old Nyugati Railway Station, it turned out that the heritage-protected building requires some unforeseen additional works.

During the renovation of the roof structure, structural cracks and severe corrosion of the rainwater drainage channels became visible, which resulted in soaking walls. The patch-like repair would not be a permanent solution, so in consultation with the heritage organisation, the entire interior masonry will be renovated on 1,210 square feet. Rainwater has also ruined doors and windows, causing 75 windows and doors to be renovated and repainted to their original brown colour. As a result of the unforeseen errors, additional works had to be ordered.

Magyar Építő Plc will carry out the developments, the total cost of the renovation is almost EUR 25 million (~HUF 9 billion). In addition to the renovation of the hall, further modernisations will be carried out between 19th June and 17th July 2021.

As a result of which, higher quality, more comfortable, cleaner environment and a more modern passenger information system will welcome the travelling public.

As the Hungarian news portal PestBuda reports, similarly to the modernisation carried out at Keleti Railway Station last year, a new passenger information LED wall will be built in the new hall, and the information boards will be standardised. The platform will be re-asphalted, damaged or missing glass will be replaced, the surfaces will be graffiti-free, with new benches and equipment. Marble and stone pavements will be repaired, and a wheelchair ramp will be installed in order to guarantee unhindered access. In 2021, MÁV-START will install 27 ticket machines at the railway station.

The renovated hall is expected to reopen by the end of summer 2021.

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Source: pestbuda.hu

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  1. I do not question nor doubt, the work needing doing – the renovation of Nyugati Railway Station, a long over-due project, that it is vital to a longer life of this important terminal station.
    When completed, these renovations will provide for future service developments, that will run and operate out and into Nyugati Railway Station, that relate to rail services that will be outside the boarders of Hungary, our present inter-city and boarder train operations.
    European Rail Patronage pre this novel coronavirus, was in a step up-ward trend of passenger usage, and those times, will return sooner than later.
    What to me is a bewilderment – tenders where invited for this lucrative project.
    The winner was ?
    What went on when the experts all doing there estimates, giving Nyugati Station a intense investigation of its needs – renovations and replacements, and we have reported outlined in this article, the seriousness of problems discovered after the project had commenced.
    Money – mass add on to original budget estimates – mass increase, which does not rest comfortable with me, and needs – Hopefully – from Government , a “please explain” explanation from the company, that won the tender, as to reasons and why – these serious structural faults appeared -identified – picked up – when the restoration work was in progress.
    Why – what was the Factorial catalyst reason – this catastrophic engineering and other, oversight occurred ?

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