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Although most public institutions, like bars, restaurants and workplaces abide to the smoking prohibition rule, individuals seem to forget that the law forbids smoking at bus stops and train stations as well, reports

ÁNTSZ (National Public Health and Medical Officer Service) published the data they have received by the 15th of December. The surveys show that the office imposed a fine on the offender in 120 cases, and the aggregated sum of the penalties is 3,3 million HUF.

Most offences were committed at terminals, bus stops and railway stations: two thirds of the fines were imposed on individuals smoking in public places like these according to ÁNTSZ. The good news is that there were noticeably less offences at bars, schools and workplaces. The most expensive cigarette was worth 250 000 HUF, which had been smoked by a worker of a healthcare institution.

Considering that most offenders were caught in public transport stations, the National Health and Medical Officer Service will increase their attention towards these areas, says

The regulation concerning the protection of non-smokers came into force in 2012, January. This law forbade smoking in closed public places and stations, among other places.

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