writes that even though Hungarian parents can choose from more than four thousand names for their babies, the Hungarian Academy of Science’s Linguistic Institution receives 30-40 requests for accepting new names every month. It seems like only they can set bounds to parents’ creativity.

The committee considers each and every request based on the law and their own aspects. They usually accept 10-15 new names. Most people resign themselves to the decision, however, someone once (unsuccessfully) wrote a letter to Viktor Orbán to authorise the made-up name.

Some of the name ideas that were rejected in 2016:

Girl names:

  • Fenyő (Pine)
  • Havadisa (Ancient Hungarian origin)
  • Főni (~Bossy –> nickname for “főnök”, the Hungarian word for boss)
  • Gyémi (~Diamondy –> nickname for “gyémánt”, the Hungarian word for diamond)
  • Táblácska (Little Board)
  • Sziszi (Sissy)
  • Cukorka (Candy)

Boy names:

  • Balaton (Lake Balaton)
  • Jinx
  • Zété (Slavic-Hungarian origin, it means ‘son-in-law’)
  • Ádmány (from Ádám + adomány –> Adam + donation)


Some of the name ideas that were accepted in 2016:

Girl names:

  • Ánfissza
  • Jáel (Hebrew origin, it means ‘ibex’)
  • Lencsi (nickname for Lenke)
  • Lotta
  • Maminti
  • Médeia (Greek origin, it means ‘wise woman’)
  • Náni
  • Nilüfer (Turkish and Persian origin, it means ‘lotus’)
  • Nurbanu (Turkish origin, it means ‘princess of light’)
  • Szítá

Boy names:

  • Bentli (Bentley written phonetically in Hungarian)
  • Dorel
  • Gáber (Arabic origin, the Hungarian version of Jaber)
  • Levin
  • Néró (Nero)
  • Rikó (Spanish origin)
  • Sét (Hebrew origin, it means ‘substitution, predestinated’)
  • Zev (Hebrew origin, it means ‘wolf’)

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  1. ‘Dorel’ is Romanian, it meas something like “little (i.e. hypocoristic) longing”

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