Budapest, July 7 (MTI) – The 26th annual International Folk Dance Festival in Szeged will kick off on Tuesday with the opening dance parade, organisers told MTI.

Szeged’s long-standing tradition of folk dance festivals dates back to 1966. The city hosts international festivals in even numbered years and national festivals in odd numbered years.

This year’s edition will feature nine dance groups, including teams from Turkey, Romania, Serbia and the Czech Republic. The Szeged National Theatre will be the venue of folklore evenings on Tuesday and Wednesday. Friday’s gala night will be hosted by the Ujszegedi Open Air Theatre.

International dance groups will be performing on the Dugonics square stage on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning, respectively. Visitors will also be able to catch international performances on Thursday evening in the Village House of Deszk, and throughout the city’s various cultural centres.



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