Budapest (MTI) – In a survey of 26 countries, Hungarians found their country’s infrastructure the least satisfactory. Only 10 percent had a positive opinion of public services.

In the fresh international survey involving 18,500 interviews carried out by Ipsos, only 16 percent of Hungarians assessed local roads as good and 22 percent found the rail network acceptable, as against the international average of 43 percent and 44 percent, respectively.

Some 44 percent of Hungarians said they were satisfied with motorways and highways, also below the international average, and 49 percent said airline service options were satisfactory.

A total of 39 percent said they were happy with the proportion of newly built properties among all properties available, which puts Hungary in mid-field. Satisfaction with flood protection was above the international average at 42 percent, but only 32 percent said the quality of energy supplies was good, below the international average.

At 63 percent, more Hungarians said they were satisfied with water supplies and sewage than the international average. Some 56 percent said they were happy with broadband internet access, which was identical to the international average.

Conforming to international norms, 70 percent of Hungarians said investments in public services were vitally important to economic development.

Source: MTI

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