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Women entrpreneurs

Eurostat published a new survey about a serious problem decision-makers in Hungary should think about to solve.

According to, the bad news is that in most of the countries, the difference between the wages given to a woman and a man for the same work is significant. Good news is that the gap is narrowing in most of the countries, including Hungary, as well. Based on the latest findings of the Eurostat in the issue, the differences between the countries can reach even 20 pc in this respect. Interestingly, they could not find any trends among the regions, and the results correlate only partly with the so-called Gender Equality Index measuring the inequalities between women and men.

In 2018, the difference between the average wage of one working hour of a man and a woman was 11.2 pc for the former. This is better than the average of the European Union (14.8 pc) and, what’s more, Hungary beats a lot of countries that are better in other aspects of eliminating gender inequalities. The average of the Eurozone is even worse than the EU27’s with 15.9 pc.

Based on the results of the EU’s statistical office, such inequalities affect young people less supporting that, in this respect, disparities are waning on the market. In Hungary, for example, in the 45-54 age group, the number is 12.1 pc, in the case of the 35-44 group, it is 16.4 pc while it is only 7.4 pc among the 25-34-year-olds. If we take the different sectors, it can be said that women are in the worst position in the financial and insurance sector. Furthermore, the difference is less in public than in the private sector.


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