Budapest, December 24 (MTI) – Hungary is an island of stability in the western world which is in turmoil, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in an interview with the regional press group Mediaworks published on Saturday.

“Our goal is to make Hungary a winner”, Orbán said.

Referring to the recent terrorist killings in Berlin, he said it is unprecented that Christians are being killed in the heart of Europe at Christmas.

On the migrant issue, he said it is obvious that nothing can stay as it is and Brussels must make a change. People who arrived in Europe illegally must be returned to a place outside Europe and the borders must be protected, he added.

Nobody would have believed a year ago, that the UK would exit from the European Union and “the Clinton clan, the traditional party of American intellectuals” would fall out of power, Orbán said. According to Orbán, there was a “rebellion” in the world’s two model democracies which will continue in 2017 and western democracies will go through a “year of rebellion”.

Hungary can be an island of stability because “we have asked for people’s opinion and protected the country from illegal migration in 2015 and 2016,” he said.

Orbán said the European dream is over and whereas in the past decisions had to be made about how to distribute money, currently a general feeling of austerity is the norm.

Western Europe has been taking in migrants for decades but their integration has been an “obvious failure”. People in several western European cities have lost their sense of security and crime has increased, as well as the threat of terrorism, Orbán said. Economic slow-down, crime, terror, migration, the inability to make decisions and insincere communication have all added up in the western world and the leaders have not found a solution, Orbán added.

“We are people with origins in the east but we belong to the western world”, he said, describing Hungarians. As a result, it is in the country’s interest that the west should be successful and that Europe should “not want to change us, but accept and respect that we are Hungarians and will remain Hungarians”. According to Orbán, not everything should be taken over from western Europe and “everything that’s bad must be resolutely rejected”.

“We will say no also” when Brussels wants to make Hungary roll back its public utility fee cut scheme, he added.

Orbán said the main goal for 2017 is to make it worth for people to work in Hungary. The government is reducing taxes on employers to pave the way for rising wages.

In response to a question about reforms in health care and education, Orbán denied claims that reforms came to a halt and said 71 hospitals have been revamped and wages for doctors and nurses will be gradually increased in 2017 and 2018. Teachers’ wages have increased by 50 percent and new schools are being opened, he added.

Commenting on the opposition’s repeated accusations of corruption among the ruling parties, he said it is necessary to make it clear that “we do not tolerate abuses of power”. The reason that there is money left for pension increase, family support and free textbooks for children is that “I do not tolerate money being stolen,” Orbán added.

In response to a question about the nomination of the president, he said President János Áder is highly respected in the ruling Fidesz party and if he is willing to take the post again, he will be nominated.

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Source: MTI

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