Several foreigners live in Hungary, who have contributed to the country’s development with their mental and financial capital. We ask one of them, Dr. Diary Ahmed Majid, Deputy Head of Mission – Embassy of Iraq in Budapest, what he thinks about Hungary. The interview written by Sandor Szabo for Daily News Hungary.

How long have you been here?
I have been working here as a diplomat since 2011. However, I graduated here in 1996, and I also got my PhD in 2005. Hungary is my second home. I live here with my Hungarian wife and two kids.

…but I also know you have already lived in many countries.
Yes, I also studied in Rome, lived and worked in Prague and Vienna. I had many interesting jobs before becoming a diplomat. I was a taxi driver before completing my studies at university in Vienna, and a post officer and even a lifeguard.

You certainly had an interesting life. If you had to use only one word to describe your staying in Hungary, what would it be?
Well, if you allow me, I would like to use two words. Success and experience. Success in my career and many positive experience in cultural and professional terms. I have given lectures on defense and strategic issues concerning the Middle-East. I have had numerous interviews, as well.

Speaking of the Middle-East…As your mission here expires after four years, you have to leave Hungary for Baghdad very soon. Are you going or leaving home?
I miss Iraq and my city. Hungary is only my second home.

Are you concerned about ISIS and other safety issues in Iraq? Are you not afraid?
No. It is possible to fight against ISIS and it is also a must. Northern Iraq, where I am from, is safe. However, the Iraqi army has to give up territories and there is a real war in the Mid- and estern Iraqi areas. The army should be supplied with aircraft and modern weapons.
Nevertheless, it is important to declare that this war is not a fight between Shia and Sunni groups. ISIS is nothing more than a terrorist group without religion. It is also not a state. Sure, it causes lots of troubles and not only in that area.

…Ending up in migration. As for a current topic, how do you feel about immigration?
First of all, I believe that we have to make a distinction between refugees and migrants. The latter have economic and social reasons and they want to have a better life, not only for themselves but for their children. The former, however, seek asylum which I believe is a must. They have to choose between life and death. My opinion is that using quotas to resettle these people is a possible solution, but only if it is based on the countries’ capacity.

Is there a connection between terrorism and immigration?
Such connection does not exist. There are 6000 Europeans fighting for ISIS. These are second and third generation immigrants. The problem roots in lack of education and unemployment. And not in religon. Sometimes they are literaly living in ghettos in the UK, France or Germany.

You have seen and lived many parts of the world. You have met many people form everywhere in this globe. Are you a cosmopolitan?
As a Diary I am a citizen of the world. I always try to find myself as a person according to the new environment I live in. It does not matter where. There is a Kurdish proverb that is especially close to me: ‘If you go to the city of the blind you have to close your eyes.’

Have you thought about returning?
Yes, it is possible – I hope – in the future.


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