Several foreigners live in Hungary, who have contributed to the country’s development with their mental and financial capital. The “Study In Hungary” education service ( made an interview with Matin Hashem, founder and director for Duna International College.

Study in Hungary: Dear Matin, please introduce yourself to our readers.
Matin Hashem: I am Matin Hashem, founder and director for Duna International College in Budapest. My academic studies include engineering in computer sciences and I have a master degree in management from International Business School (IBS). I have been an official teacher and I just came to Hungary as a student to start my master degree and then I found it a great place to study and work in. It was my fate to found and start Duna College in Budapest which I am very happy and proud with. Budapest is my beloved city in which I found my best friends, colleagues and unforgettable moments in my life.

Study in Hungary: How would you briefly define Duna College in 3-4 sentences?
Matin Hashem: Duna International College is a preparatory college which completely prepares students for the university entrance exams and university studies. The courses are taught by university professors and the English language classes are held by native English teachers. In addition, the College has a friendly place according to the feedbacks we get from our students.

Study in Hungary: What are the competitive advantages of your college compared to other Hungarian colleges?
Matin Hashem: Our courses are all taught by university professors from prominent Hungarian universities. Our English language classes are all also taught by native teachers from the UK and Ireland. The groups consist of small number of students which promotes teaching and studying. 
We have got the highest rate of admission among all other similar institutes. In 2011 and 2012 Duna College students achieved the best result at the entrance exam of Budapest University of Technology (BME). Our diplomas are approved by NCFE from the UK and we offer the A-level diploma as an internationally approved degree. By having our diplomas our students have the possibility of exemption from the entrance exam to some universities in Hungary.
In addition, we always wish to give some more academic knowledge to our students that can be efficient for their studies at the universities.
And then we can say that we have a lower tuition fee and more care about our students. Moreover, the College is in Budapest which is the heart of Europe.


Study in Hungary: Which programs does Duna College offer for foreign students and what are the languages of instruction?
Matin Hashem: Duna College offers the following programs including:
Business & economics 
Pre-master and pre-PhD
The language of instruction is English.

Study in Hungary: Could you give information about your campus to us?
Matin Hashem: You know in Hungarian language the Duna means Danube; luckily our campus is located within one of the best places in the center of Budapest next to Danube River and a brilliant view to the Parliament. Our campus has also a very good access to public transport.

Study in Hungary: What are the tuition fees, dormitory costs and other living expenses of Duna College students?
Matin Hashem: In Duna College a 1-year-course costs 5100 Euros, while an intensive course lasting for one semester costs 4400 Euros. The dormitory costs 200 Euros for 30 days, and the insurance fee for year is 250 Euro.

Study in Hungary: Do you plan to launch new programs in near future – upcoming September?
Matin Hashem: We are planning to launch a new art program in the coming September 2014. Duna College has also become a member of and international chain of colleges called TRC and we have signed an agreement with many universities sin UK, the USA and Canada. So students who pass our courses have the chance to continue their studies in the mentioned countries as well.

Study in Hungary: Do you have any scholarships or discounts for prospective students?
Matin Hashem: At the present, unfortunately, no.

Study in Hungary: What are the current and new target countries for Duna College to recruit new students?
Matin Hashem: I have to say all the countries from east to west. Currently we have students from 5 continents including: Iran, Germany, Spain, USA, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Turkey, Jordan and Uganda. But I would like to mention CIS countries including Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia as a new market with lots of potential for recruiting students.


  1. Budapest in Hungary is a good base for students to start their study abroad preparation due to low fees and cost of living in a great city, and also look at university in Hungary, and elsewhere.

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    could you explain about students who entered in dentistry university ??i mean how many of your student can accept in den Semmelwize university (medicine or dentistry) or Szeged?
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