We absolutely love discovering new videos about Hungary on YouTube. Especially if they contain useful information and beautiful shots. Lonely Planet, travelers’ go-to website, has been on a Hungary roll recently. A few weeks ago they shared a stunning video about our bath culture, and now we came across a great introductory video about Hungary.

The video starts with a nice sentence: with its unique language, culture and cuisine, Hungary is Europe at its most exotic. They go on by highlighting the natural wonders, the combination of architectural styles and the versatile cuisine.

The top 5 things to do in Hungary include:

  • Visit Budapest’s Castle Hill – the capital city at its most spectacular
  • Visit Lake Balaton’s Northern Shore – the Keszthely-Tihany-Badacsony triangle
  • Relax at the thermal baths – no need to explain 😉
  • Taste the world-famous Hungarian wines and pálinka
  • Visit Szeged, filled with eye-popping art nouveau masterpieces, open air cafés and green spaces

The video also gives useful travel advice and features practical information. Lastly, Lonely Planet lets us know why they love our country 🙂

Featured image: www.youtube.com

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Source: Daily News Hungary

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