noticed a very cool video on Lonely Planet’s Facebook page, which presents the baths of Budapest through amazing shots. The number of views, likes, comments and shares are constantly growing as the video is becoming viral.

The video has been viewed by more than 200,000 people in two days, it has received more than 3.9 thousand likes and more than a thousand comments. These numbers are growing dramatically minute by minute.

The two and half minute long compilation was shared on the world’s N°1 guidebook publisher’s Facebook page, which has 1.7 million followers.

Users tag their friends, acquaintances in the comment section along with comments like “I want to go back”, and “I miss it”.

The footage starts out by stating that the bath culture has always been important in Hungary and that visiting a thermal bath is a great way to get to know the Hungarian culture and history. Not to mention the health benefits.

They first present Europe’s biggest bath complex, the Széchenyi Bath, in the case of which they find it a curiosity that some people play chess on floating boards in the water and that the outdoor pools are also open in winter.

Next up is the glorification of the Gellért Bath, highlighting its architectural value.

“It’s like taking a dip in a cathedral.”

Finally, they invite you for a time-travel to the Ottoman times with a trip to the Rudas Bath. It has an only woman/only man schedule during the week, while it turns into a party hall at the weekends.

The video’s conclusion: it’s no wonder Budapest is frequently referred to as the “spa capital”.

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