We all know that water is one of the basic elements of life, drinking enough water is indispensable for survival. However, less people know that bathing in water also has many positive physiological effects. collected 10 reasons why it is worth going to a bath at least once a month, especially to the famous baths of Budapest.

1.Relaxation and disbanding

Let’s utilize water’s relaxing effect as its buoyancy conditions your muscles and that bubble bath makes your muscles lithe. Bathing is also great to relieve stress and, if you close your eyes for some time, you can even imagine that you are in a whole other world

2.Natural healing

Our thermal water stock lies under 80% of the country, which is not only unique for its quantity, but also for its quality. There’s no other place in the world with thermal and medicinal water of such a high temperature and there isn’t one place that could cure that many diseases as Hungarian thermal water can. It is a natural therapy for locomotor diseases and rehabilitation.

3.Spending your free time actively

You don’t have to pass up the advantages of water if you are not a fan of sitting in thermal water. Besides swimming, there are plenty of other forms of movement that can be done in water. How would you like aquafitness, aquajogging, underwater massage or the Kneipp treading-vat?


4.Budapest is the world’s capital of baths

There are 118 fountains under the capital and there is no other city in the world with 6 functioning historical baths. The baths of Budapest are open for long hours, so you can even visit one after a stressful work day, and relax.

5.History surrounds you

There are currently 10 functioning monument baths in Hungary, out of which many dates back to the 16th century, to the time when the country was under Turkish rule. On the other hand, we also have quite imposing buildings from the beginning of the 20th century as well. You just feel the history in these baths and it’s also very interesting to get to know the bathing habits of former times.

6.Unique natural environment

Besides our amazing but artificially built baths, you also have a chance to bathe in a very unique natural environment. Visit the world’s biggest biologically active natural thermal lake, the Thermal Lake of Hévíz, or wander in the passages of the Miskolctapolca Cave Bath, or admire the limestone pools of the Egerszalók salt hill!

bath hévíz

Hévíz Thermal Lake

7.A meeting point where everybody is equal

The community forming role of baths has always contributed to their success. For many of us a bath is a place to meet with friends, to have a date, and just to be able to talk with our acquaintances in a calm environment. No matter what type of social life you live in a bath, one thing is for sure: everybody is equal in swimsuit.

8.Bathing and healing with a discount

Medical services and the entries themselves can be resorted to at a cheaper price due to the social insurance support. You can ask for two supported cures prescribed by a specialist every year. Moreover, baths have different events a few times a year, when you can relax at a discounted price.

9.In a different bath every month

Hungary has more than 90 medicinal baths and almost 200 thermal baths with a very diverse water composition. This means that no matter where you live in the country, you can find so many baths in a 100 kilometre range that you can try out a different one every month.

bath miskolctapolca

Miskolctapolca Cave Bath

10.Overload of experiences

Many people say that the best thing about baths is that you can do so much more than bathe. If you get bored of soaking your body, then you can sweat in the steam or the sauna, walk a little in the Kneipp treading-wat, slide down on the slides or relax at a pleasant massage. Most of our baths give many opportunities so visitors can spend a whole day without getting bored.

Photos:,, MTI

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