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Islamic State threatens Hungary as well – Video

Islamic State threatens Hungary as well – Video

According to, the terrorist organization published another chilling video, in which it classified Hungary to the “vicious coalition” – wrote. The video tries to intimidate the soldiers fighting against the ISIS.

You can discover the flag of Hungary among the 60 flags.

According to the video shared by ATV, the Islamic State is counting the flags and “when it reaches 80 in number, then – as the prophet told – the flames of war will finally burn you on the hills of deaths” – wrote.

The propaganda video praises the history and the expansion of the caliphate. They are proud that its area is larger than the UK, as well as several schools operate under their authority where they train youth jihadists. The Islamic State calls on Muslims to unite under one flag, regardless of ethnicity and skin color.


The propaganda film also says America says in vain that it has the biggest army and countless weapons; according to the makers of the video they have not enough determination and willpower.

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translated by BA

Photo: ISIS video


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