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When a flight to Tel-Aviv attempted to lift off, suddenly some smoke appeared on the plane. It seemed first that its source was in the aircraft cabin, but it was revealed later that it came from the outside. In any case, the pilot ordered an evacuation. The passengers broke out in panic, which resulted in the head injury of one of them, as Blikk reported.

According to the latest reports, a 39-year-old Israeli woman is in critical condition after being injured on a plane in Ferihegy Airport. She fell from the airport slide when the passengers left the plane in panic. The ambulance crew was working for long to get her into a status that made her transportation to the hospital possible. She was taken to Merényi Gusztáv Hospital for an immediate neurological surgery.

Passengers began to panic on Friday morning on one of Israir’s flights from Budapest to Tel-Aviv. The critical situation hit when the pilot asked them to leave the aircraft cabin immediately. Though it was not clear then, it was later revealed that the other plane towing this one began to smoke and it leaked into the airliner through the engine.

When the captain announced the evacuation, all the passengers rushed to the emergency exit as one.

Some of them even began to fight for precedence on their way to the door. The scared passengers were leaving the cabin through the inflatable slide when it suddenly swung into the air and a woman fell off, hitting her head on the concrete.

The flight was scheduled for Thursday night at first, but it was delayed until Friday morning due to the technical issues with the previous plane.

Blikk tried to reach Budapest Airport’s manager Mihály Hardy but he did not intend to comment the case. Spokesman of Smart Wings — the Czech company operating the plane — Attila Farkas stated that only Israir is responsible concerning this issue.

Airport police have begun to investigate for reckless endangerment against a suspect unknown.

Though it is always important to stay calm during an evacuation, the fear of the passengers is somewhat understandable: the inhalation of the smoke can do severe harm to a person’ constitution. The materials in the smoke can swell the trachea and the lungs, causing breathing difficulties. Carbon monoxide in the blood can cause a headache, nausea, ear-ringing or even losing consciousness.

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