There are so many types of challenges going around the internet, but none of them cover the Hungarian language, even though our language is a challenge in itself. We are convinced that a “Hungarian language challenge” could conquer the web, since we have tons of unbelievable words and expressions. We’d like to present you a cool video, in which Italian students took on the challenge and tried to speak Hungarian 🙂

One of my friends spent the last semester in Metz, France with the Erasmus programme, through which she met students from many different countries. She became really good friends with some fellow Italian students, who were fascinated by the Hungarian language and took on the challenge of trying to pronounce some words, expressions and sentences.

The video starts with very useful words and ends with quite tricky ones. We have to admit that we purposely chose some funny expressions as well, because they reflect the complexity and curiosity of our language.  The video perfectly demonstrates that you gotta love this language 🙂

Would you take on the challenge? 😉

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Source: Daily News Hungary

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