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Italy on Tuesday registered a total of 135,586 confirmed cases of coronavirus, including 17,127 fatalities overall, according to fresh figures from the Civil Protection Department.

Some 880 new active infections were reported over the last 24 hours, bringing the total to 94,067 nationwide. The number of recoveries kept increasing, with 1,555 more people cured on a daily basis, totaling 24,392.

The daily number of recoveries was “the second highest in absolute terms since we have started registering the epidemic,” Civil Protection Department Chief Angelo Borrelli told a press conference.

Also the recoveries registered in the last 24 hours were higher than the new active infections.

“A decrease in the trend of new infections is being confirmed,” said Borrelli.

Of those tested positive so far, 28,718 are hospitalized, 3,792 are in intensive care, and the remaining 61,557 (about 65 percent) under home isolation.

Borrelli confirmed to reporters that “the pressure on our hospitals is decreasing, and especially for intensive care units, where we have now 106 fewer patients (compared to the previous day).”

On a daily basis, the death toll grew by 604 over the last 24 hours, compared to 636 on Monday, and 525 on Sunday.

Source: Xinhua

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