IV International Conference Fertilizers 2021 CEE, Baltic and Balkans will take place in Budapest

Challenging times all over the world have led to transformation of the business events industry for the benefit and the health of the public. However, feedback from many companies indicates that the fertilizer community still desperately needs face-to-face industry events. Therefore, WorldFertilizerMarket (Chem-Courier Agency) has decided to launch the registration for the annual conference dedicated to the European fertilizer market.

The 4th International Conference Fertilizers 2021: Eastern Europe, Baltic States & Balkans will take place in Budapest, Hungary, on 27-29 January 2021 and will be the next step in the sequence of the successful events in Athens, Greece; Bucharest, Romania; and Warsaw, Poland. The audience of our conferences is growing, and we hope to attract even more companies, including large-scale farmers, retailers, distributors, wholesalers and producers operating in the area in focus, to provide our regular and new attendees and partners with wider opportunities.

The conference covers the fertilizer markets of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Poland, Ukraine, the Baltic states, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia and Greece.

Watching the global fertilizer and raw material markets trends closely, we analyse changes in the region in a year. The conference will address such industry issues as the climate change, raw material supply disruptions and new regulations in an attempt to find possible solutions to them.

The conference attendees will have a chance to get insight into analytics and case studies from market players and WFM experts (Chem-Courier Information Agency), discuss the burning issues and negotiate with business partners.

IV International Conference Fertilizers 2021 CEE, Baltic and Balkans will take place in Budapest

The conference highlights:

  • The markets for nitrogen, phosphorus and potash fertilizers
  • The fertilizer consumption in the EEBB region
  • Stabilised nitrogen fertilizers and water-soluble fertilizers
  • The benchmark price in the region
  • Transport and logistics.

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The conference audience:

  • Producers of staple and specialty fertilizers
  • International and regional traders
  • Importing companies
  • Large agricultural businesses
  • Regional distributors and wholesalers
  • Carriers

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To sign up for the conference, click on the link below: 

Application form
Terms of participation

For additional information please contact the conference organizing team by email [email protected] or by phone: +38 056 370 12 04 (Ukraine) and +7 499 346 03 42 (Russia).

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