Bugac, 2017. augusztus 20. A magánlátogatáson Magyarországon tartózkodó Akisino japán herceg (k) és lánya, Mako hercegnõ szekéren érkezik a bugaci Karikás Csárdához 2017. augusztus 20-án. A herceg, Akihito császár másodszülött fia a haszonállatok házasításáról végez kutatásokat. MTI Fotó: Máthé Zoltán

According to nepszava.hu, Japanese Prince Akisino and his daughter, Princess Mako came to Hungary as part of a private visit. The princess recently became world-famous when she stated that she was ready to give up her title so that she could be with her lover, a person of no rank.

Prince Akisino, the second-born child of Emperor Akihito, and Princess Mako are currently on a private visit in Hungary. As part of their visit between the 18th and 22nd of August, they visited the Museum of Ethnography last Saturday. The director of the museum, Lajos Kemecsi gave the prince and the museologist princess a tour of the place.

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The official announcement of the imperial court didn’t include details about the visit, but it stated that Prince Akisino is interested in Hungarian stock-farming, while her daughter is interested in fine arts. This is not surprising considering that the prince is doing research on the domestication of livestock, and the princess is currently doing her Ph.D. studies in art and museology.

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24.hu writes that following their Saturday trip to the Museum of Ethnography, they visited Bugac on Sunday, where they observed a Hungarian mangalica (curly-haired hog), and other animals.

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