Japanese Prince Akisino, the youngest son of Emperor Akihito, visits Hungary on Thursday. The trip has been announced the last week, and the Japanese media also reported on the event.

According to the statement, Akisino will be staying in Hungary until August 23; her daughter, Princess Mako, joins him on Friday.

The visit is all the more interesting because the Japanese imperial house is undergoing an important change. Prince Akisino’s father, the now 83-year-old Emperor Akihito, retires next year, after which his firstborn son, Prince Naruhito, takes the throne.

The program of the trip was not detailed by the Imperial Court, but it turned out that the two Japanese dignitaries were interested in Hungarian animal breeding and fine arts.

Prince Akisino, a doctor of natural sciences currently, researching domestication of livestock, while his 25-year-old daughter, Mako, holds PhD in the field of art and museology.

Accordingly, they visit pig farms and other animal husbandry sites, but they also visit Hungary’s major fine arts museums.

Members of the imperial family have long been interested in Hungary.

Sources indicated that the Japanese dignitaries are especially interested in various Hungarian pig (probably the mangalica breed – products made from mangalica has become very popular among Japanese consumers lately) and dog breeds.

Due to the unofficial nature of the trip, neither the Prince nor the Princess meet Hungarian government officials during their stay in Hungary.

Photo: hungarianambiance.com

Source: mno.hu – edited by hungarianambiance.com

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