It’s been more than two weeks since Jennifer Lawrence arrived in Budapest. She’s been to quite a few places since then: she visited a restaurant in Buda, walked along Heroes’ Square and even found time to send a message to Woody Harrelson. looked through what the Academy Award winner actress has been up to in Budapest.

Jennifer Lawrence has been in Budapest since the 2nd of January to shoot spy movie Red Sparrow. As it was expected, paparazzis are constantly after her, she was last photographed at Heroes’ Square while shooting.


The photos can be viewed on Daily Mail’s site in better format. We can first see the actress sitting in a car and talking to the director of the movie, Francis Lawrence. The namesakes have previously worked together on The Hunger Games trilogy (except for the first movie).

The other photos depict Jennifer hastily crossing Heroes’ Square. The actress plays a Russian spy who has to use her lure to get some information from her CIA colleague (Joel Edgerton). We’ll be able to see Lawrence in the movie in the same black clothes that she’s wearing on the photos. Plus, she even put on a brown wig for the sake of her role.

The last photo turned out the best; it looks like a dashing moment from a Bourne-movie. The lights of the city gleam on the windshield of the paparazzi’s car while the actress gets into a car without her wig.

The photos were taken on the 16th of January, when the actress even took her dog Pippi to the shooting. She also sent a video message to Woody Harrelson, with whom she played in The Hunger Games, from the makeup room. Harrelson is preparing for his first ever directing, which is quite a challenge: Lost in London will be broadcasted live on the internet.

Jennifer believes that Woody has had many bad ideas, but this is by far the worst one. She’s not the only one criticising the movie plan: Justin Timberlake and Jesse Eisenberg also appear in the video reflecting on Harrelson’s idea. Joking aside, we can see the makeup Jennifer will be wearing in Red Sparrow.

Jamie’s Italian Budapest cried from the housetop on their Instagram page that the actress has been to their restaurant. Costume designer Trish Summerville also posted a photo signalling that she’s in Budapest. She has only worked with Lawrence once, but she was the costume designer for movies like Gone Girl and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.


Snow day in Budapest with @sharkieakajaws ❄️❄️❄️

Trish Summerville (@mztsummerville) által közzétett fénykép,

The crew of Red Sparrow needs to hurry a bit as they want to premiere the movie on the 10th of November.


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