Budapest, January 13 (MTI) – The Fidesz government is constantly engaging in “double talk” in connection with the free trade agreement under negotiation between the European Union and United States, Hungary’s radical nationalist Jobbik party said on Tuesday.

Marton Gyongyosi, the party’s deputy group leader, told a news conference that so far there had only been negative experiences of these types of agreement, and he noted the North American free trade pact (NAFTA), which he insisted had resulted in “very serious economic losses” for its non-American signatories while US multinationals had made handsome profits.

He called on the government to make clear what it thinks about each issue and what its intentions are. The government should declare its standpoint and signal whether the EU can count on Hungary’s support or not, he added.

This year will decide whether Europe takes a path towards regaining its sovereignty or becomes a colony of the US in economic terms, the Jobbik politician said.

Gyongyosi also insisted that Hungary’s GMO-free status could be sacrificed on the altar of the agreement.



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