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Press release – Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary regrets to see that Viktor Orbán’s anti-democratic governance keeps putting Hungary in an increasingly difficult position on the European scene. Another clear indication of this process is yesterday’s vote in the European Parliament deciding to possibly withhold EU funds from countries that fail to meet the requirements of the rule of law or steal the subsidies.

The Jobbik party has always been of the opinion that Hungary’s internal affairs should primarily concern us, Hungarians. However, we cannot sit idly by while the independence of the judiciary is undermined, corruption and the theft of public monies reach ever new heights, criminals wanted by the Interpol are allowed to settle here or the democratic institutions are taken over.

Fidesz has clearly been operating a regime based on corrupt practices and constant violations of law, which is no longer tolerable even for its political allies, the members of the European People’s Party.

Jobbik believes that Hungary’s place is in Europe both politically and culturally, and being European involves respect for democracy and the rule of law as well as a transparent state administration. That is the reason why Jobbik support the idea of Hungary joining the European Public Prosecutor’s Office so that the real culprits pay for their crimes and bear the responsibility for the rampant corruption.

Jobbik finds it unfortunate that the Hungarian people will once again be at the receiving end of the sanctions instead of Fidesz’ corrupt politicians and their business pals. Obviously, nothing is too dear for Viktor Orbán to be able to keep his power and he would not shy away from eventually leading Hungary out of the community of European countries, for which he has already started the preparations by repeatedly running anti-EU campaigns.

In Jobbik’s view, the real stakes for the European Parliamentary elections on May 26 are whether Orbán is allowed to continue drifting Hungary apart from the European consensus and finally lead the country out of the European Union or we stop this process and make Hungary a transparent, safe and democratic country again. The latter is what Jobbik works for.

Source: Jobbik – press release

  1. Fidesz a none Democratic Party? Jobbik, you need to put yourselves into transparency, and let the Hungarian nation know what you represent. Day by day, Jobbik goes back to the days of of the National Front, a close reminder of Germany’s National Socialist Party, which the West remembers as Naziism, referring to Hitler’s Nazi Party. Proof?? Just look at the photographs of Schneider with his new wife on his shoulders, giving the famous Hitler salute. If any of the left parties had taken over in the 2010 elections Hungary would be in the same financial state as Grease, being bailed out by the EU. You have it all wrong. Orbán Viktor does not want to pull Hungary out of the European Union, far from it. Orbán Viktor and this government are strongly intent on staying in and building Europe into a true Democratic continent. So, Jobbik, get your dismal facts right before you continue pulling this government to pieces. You also want to make your minds up whether you are Socialist, Conservative or National Front, because you certainly are not Democratic.

  2. Jobbik, like the CEU & like the EP is Soros top & bottom. Why Fidesz has any Interest in becoming Part of the Soros Organization in Brussels & Strasbourg has to be 1 of the “Great Mysteries of Life”

  3. David, I agree with you in some ways, but Orbán Viktor is not for Soros. What Orbán Viktor wants, is to get rid of Soros and his bully boys, along with the Eurocrats and Bureaucrats, the ones that are trying to bring a down fall to Europe and make hoards of money. The trouble with the opposition parties in Hungary and the EU, they are finished and have nowhere to go, so they lend their unsavoury time to shouting, demonstrating and violence to cover their inadequacy.

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