Jobbik asks the President of Hungary not to sign the outdoor media law but to submit it to the Constitutional Court (CC) for a preliminary review because the party believes the legislation fails to meet any legal criteria.

In his Budapest press conference on Wednesday, Jobbik spokesman Ádám Mirkóczki said President Áder had three options:

A), Sign the act on the protection of city image, B) return it to Parliament on the grounds of a violation of procedural law or C) turn to the CC.

The party asks the President of the Republic to choose the third option. The MP added that Jobbik was going to do the same and they were sure that they would collect the required support of 50 Members of Parliament.

Explaining what was at stake, Mr Mirkóczki said it was an anti-Jobbik legislation which, if it remains effective, will prevent people from speaking out the truth in Hungary.

“If the President of the Republic has any professional self-esteem left, he will refuse to sign this legislation otherwise he would assist to silencing the truth and allowing nothing but the government’s dishonest propaganda to be published,” the MP asserted.

“One thing is certain: no head of state can afford to curb the freedom of speech and expression in such a blatantly unconstitutional and illegitimate way or assist to such an astounding governmental rampage,” he added.

In Mr Mirkóczki’s view, Viktor Orbán and his government, by adopting this law, has just taken the largest step in the path leading to Bolshevism.

Joining the press conference organized in front of the President’s palace, Jobbik’s activists held up signs saying: “Is János Áder a strong and proud European head of state?”; “Let’s stop Áder!” and “Throw it back!” decorated with fish images – a reference to the President being a fishing enthusiast and a follower of the “catch and release” practice.

Source: MTI

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