Budapest (MTI) – The radical nationalist Jobbik party backs protests against plans to build a temporary reception centre for migrants near Sormas, southwest Hungary, Krisztian Berta, the deputy leader of the party’s regional chapter said on Saturday.

Under a decree published in Friday’s issue of the government’s official gazette Magyar Kozlony, two reception centres are planned, one near Martonfa, in southern Hungary, and one in Sormas.

The government has decided on building the centre without consulting local leaders or residents, Berta told a press conference held near the planned site of the centre. Jobbik will support local residents in “using any legal means” to prevent the setup of the reception centre, he said.

Peter Cseresnyes, a Fidesz lawmaker for the local constituency, said he would not comment until he found out “more about the background of the decision”.

Government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs earlier this week said that the government would reallocate an additional 22.2 billion forints (EUR 71.8m) for the construction of the border fence along the Hungarian-Serbian border and for the temporary reception centres.

Jobbik lawmaker Laszlo Lukacs also told MTI on Saturday that Hungary’s health-care system needs an extra 10 billion forints for costs related to care for migrants which he said the European Union should supply.

Fidesz said in a statement sent to MTI on Saturday that Jobbik “did not have credibility” when it came to immigrant issues as the party associated with human smuggler businesses which thrive on illegal immigration.

Photo: MTI


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