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Budapest, February 16 (MTI) – The radical nationalist Jobbik party has criticised the prime ministers of Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic for indulging in their own political rhetoric rather than forming a genuine alliance to manage the migrant crisis.

Commenting on the press briefing given by the premiers after Monday’s Visegrad Group summit, Jobbik lawmakers Dániel Z Kárpát and Márton Gyöngyösi told MTI that the V4 premiers were short on specific proposals for dealing with Europe’s migrant crisis.

Despite expectations that the summit in Prague would see V4 leaders issue a joint challenge against the European Union’s refugee quota scheme or formally agree on setting up a second line of defence against the migrant flow in Macedonia and Bulgaria, the four prime ministers barely offered any specific solutions, they said.

The Jobbik politicians said the V4 countries should form a true alliance for managing the migrant crisis and take up the offers of Balkan states to help set up a line of defence on their own without EU involvement.

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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  1. Thats all the Orbán Viktor government get from the opposition parties, criticism and unnecessary comments. why don’t you work with the government for a change and make this country strong and a pleasure to live in. There is no country in the world that has a professional government as Hungary has. So don’t knock it.

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