Budapest, October 14 (MTI) – Residency bonds are supposed to stimulate investment and job-creation, yet it appears that ruling “Fidesz cronies” are the real beneficiaries, the radical nationalist Jobbik party said on Wednesday.

Under the scheme, foreign nationals buying 300,000 euros worth of government bonds can obtain a residency permit that can be extended for five years.

Jobbik lawmaker Márton Gyöngyösi told a news conference that people close to Fidesz had pocketed some 51 billion forints (EUR 164m) in connection with the residency bonds scheme.

Antal Rogán, Fidesz’ former group leader and sponsor of a relevant bill, had been “conspicuously zealous” in promoting the inclusion of companies with an “offshore background” in trading the bonds, he said, adding that the legislation excluded the option of open tenders or controls over bond sales.

The system should be managed by Hungary’s diplomatic missions and investment and job-creation set as preconditions, as Britain and Greece do, he said.

Gyöngyösi accused Fidesz of keeping the public in dark about the scheme, and he demanded to know what ties Rogan has to companies trading the bonds.


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