Budapest, January 19 (MTI) – The radical nationalist Jobbik party on Tuesday reiterated that it has never received funding from Russia, saying that if Prime Minister Viktor Orban refuses to believe party leader Gabor Vona, “he can ask President Vladimir Putin himself when he visits him in Moscow” next month.

Jobbik responded to calls from ruling Fidesz to come clean on whether the party has received any funding from foreign donors. Citing “international press reports”, Fidesz spokesman Szilard Nemeth said Jobbik’s activities are now even on the radar of US intelligence services monitoring “corrupt right-wing and extreme right-wing parties”. Nemeth said the US suspects that Jobbik “serves foreign interests and accepts hidden donations, weakening Hungary, NATO and the EU”.

Quoting earlier statements by Vona, Jobbik said that maintaining its independence is one of the party’s core values. The party noted that it had recommended setting up an investigative committee to examine whether it had received any Russian donations. Jobbik wants to tie this in with an investigation into the wealth accumulation of the prime minister’s close associates.

Photo: MTI


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