Budapest, September 15 (MTI) – The government is hypcritical in its treatment of foreigners, attracting foreign labour while fighting against migrants through a referendum, the opposition Jobbik party said on Thursday.

Jobbik was commenting on an interview by Economy Minister Mihály Varga published in today’s weekly Heti Válasz, in which the minister said Hungary may have to tap labour resources of countries with “similar cultural and historical traditions” to deal with the labour shortage in the country.

Jobbik wants to solve the labour shortage by wage hikes and luring back Hungarians working abroad, not by engaging foreign labour, Dániel Z Kárpát, deputy leader of Jobbik, told a press conference. He said it was “blood-curdling” that the government was planning to import foreign labour to Hungary while “fighting a rhetorical battle against other types of foreigners and calling for a referendum against them”. For the “more monied” foreigners, the government offers settlement bonds and it is opening the doors to seasonal workers, Z Kárpát said, adding that this was not an acceptable solution to the problem.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

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