Budapest (MTI) – The radical nationalist Jobbik party organised a demonstration in Szentgotthard, in western Hungary, on Tuesday demanding the dismantling of a “refugee camp” in the town.

The event was attended by some twenty Jobbik activists and supporters in addition to local and national party representatives. Standing around 150 metres from an empty migrant registration point, they demanded that the tents set up in the town for migrants should be removed.

The demonstrators held banners reading: “Why have a fence when the gates are open”, “Fidesz cannot protect the country”, and “Close the gates!”.

Jobbik’s Vas County representative Tibor Bana said that Szentgotthard and Kormend did not want migrants and they did not want registration points. The residents were not informed about plans to set up such points, and the issue should have been decided in a referendum, he added.


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