Budapest, August 3 (MTI) – Radical nationalist Jobbik will launch a national consultation on health care, education and corruption after the October 2 migrant quota scheme referendum, party leader Gábor Vona said on Wednesday.

The party will send forms containing five questions about each of the subjects to 4.2 million households, Vona told a press conference. The consultation is estimated to cost tens of millions of forints, he added.

Vona said the government has “taken refuge in refugee politics” and is unable to handle the problems of the key sectors that the party believes equally concerns people.

In response to a question about Jobbik’s support, he said there have been some conflicting poll results but the left wing has certainly disintegrated and Jobbik is the runner-up behind ruling Fidesz.

In response to another question, he said if the government is willing to enable all Hungarians staying abroad to vote by mail during the October referendum, Jobbik would support it.

Source: MTI

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