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Conservative opposition Jobbik on Thursday announced that it has launched a nationwide campaign to allow men to retire after 40 years of work, an option already open to women.

János Stummer, the party’s deputy leader, told a press conference that

Jobbik will ask men who have worked 40 years to send in letters sharing their personal stories, explaining why they would support the early retirement option, describing their working conditions and the effect it had on their health.

At the end of the campaign dubbed “40 years, 40 arguments”, Jobbik will bring 40 such letters to Parliament to “confront” the ruling parties “who have long rejected the initiative” with the experiences of men who have worked 40 years, Stummer said.

The politician argued that men in Hungary on average live 6-7 years less than women, and three-fifths of them die before reaching retirement age.

Further, around 40 percent of men over the age of 60 live with chronic illness, he added.

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If these men could retire after 40 years of employment, they could enjoy their old age in peace and could be replaced in the workforce by young people, Stummer said.

As we wrote on June, the number of elderlies receiving retirement pension in Hungary was close to 2 million in January 2018. All together, there are more than 600 thousand old people who receive less than 100,000 HUF (~EUR 300), several thousands of whom receive less than 25,000 HUF (~EUR 76). How is it even possible to get along from so little money? Read more HERE.

Source: MTI

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