Will the Hungarian pension ever compare to the EU?

A considerable disadvantage for the childless, but could it potentially work? #retirement #pension #money #Hungary #dailynewshungary

Pensions vary significantly between genders across Europe

The #Hungarian situation is surprising! ???? #DailyNewsHungary

LMP: Hungarian minimum pension of 79 euros per month is not enough

Hungary's minimum pension has been the same 79 euros (28,500 forints) a month for the past 13 years... #LMP

Jobbik calls on governement to raise value of pensions

#Jobbik also called for men to be given the same option women have to retire after 40 years of work

Coronavirus – 204 elderly care home residents infected in Budapest

Coronavirus in Hungary: Ten of the residents of the Pesti Road care home have died!

Socialists call for allowing men to retire after 40 years

"Some men in Hungary may have to work for 47 years before retiring" - #Socialists #mszp #hungary #dailynewshungary

Guess why is it not good to grow old in Hungary?

It is even better to grow old in #Romania than in #Hungary... #Hungarian #pension #money #lifestandards

Money worries putting older Hungarian citizens off travelling

New study about the travel habits of over 65s from senior travel insurance:

Strikes over pension reform cripple France

French transport workers walked off the job, hitting train, metro and bus services on Tuesday for the sixth consecutive day, while civil servants, teachers and students […]

Czech Republic to lower retirement age for physically demanding professions

"The plan could entitle nearly half a million workers to an earlier retirement" #thecezchrepublic

Deutsche Bank survey: Every second German fears poverty in old age

Every second German aged between 20 and 65 years fears poverty in old age!

Pension premiums to be paid to 2.6 million Hungarian retirees

"The maximum of the individual premiums will be 66 euros"

Labour shortage in Hungary: More than 115,000 pensioners rejoin labour force

Mitigating the impact of the labour shortage in Hungary:

Average pension premiums of 60 euros and pension supplements of 33 euros to be paid in November

Local elections in Hungary: 13 days to go

Local elections – Jobbik: Strong opposition can act more resolutely

What ruling #Fidesz does to Hungarians, especially to men, "practically equals to genocide", the #Jobbik leader said.

Hungary – Retirement age to be increased to 72 years?!

What would happen in Hungary if the retirement age was raised to 72 years?!

Analysits show critical predictions in Hungarian pension and healthcare system

What are the exact steps to make #Hungarian #healthcare and #pension #system better? Here are some answers - #OECD

Average Hungarians not healthy anymore when they retire

It is the best to be born in #Sweden, the worst to be born in #Latvia but #Hungary is also at the #bottom of the list of the #European countries #Hungarian #lifeexpectancy #life #health #healthy #fitness #economy #work #Eurostat #statistics

Hungarian government to raise pensions by 2.7 pc

Pensioners would also get a premium of an average EUR 49-53 each #hungary #hungarian #government

LMP seeks same growth-based premium for all pensioners

"Hungarians who get pensions under that threshold will see their premiums cut proportionately" - #LMP #hungary #hungarian #pension #economy