Budapest, April 27 (MTI) – The radical nationalist Jobbik is not a Nazi party and it is not associated with the [Hungarian Nazi] Arrow-Cross movement either, the party leader said on Monday.
Rather, it is a people’s party which rejects being placed “in political quarantine” by its opponents, Gabor Vona told a press conference in Gyongyos, in northern Hungary.

   The party’s recent victory in the local by-election of Tapolca was a milestone in the past 25 years, he said, insisting that Tapolca was the dress rehearsal for the 2018 general election.

   Tapolca marked the first time that Jobbik acquired an individual mandate, and it is the first time a party not involved in the change of political system in 1990 has acquired such a mandate, he noted.

   Ruling Fidesz and the opposition Socialists are both trying to tackle problems from the 20th century, while Jobbik sets out to address the issues of the 21st century, he said.

   What the media claims to be a Jobbik ploy to win votes by softening its tone is in fact a genuine political strategy which was launched in 2013, he said. Jobbik, while preserving the basic values of its programme, is turning to people with a new political style and attitude that represents a civic approach in a bid to make it attractive to the broadest possible social groups.

   “The essence of Jobbik as a people’s party is based on a resolute programme and calm force…” Vona said, adding that people envious of Jobbik’s success call it a Nazi party, but such claims are past their sell-by date, he added.

   “They don’t lead anywhere, as the success of Tapolca has already proven,” he said. “There have been unacceptable and undesirable branches, but these will be pruned by Jobbik,” Vona said. The essence of a party comes from its programme and its leaders’ statements, not a few Facebook entries by some of its members, he added.

based on the article of MTI

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  1. All nationalist parties , no matter what country they belong to, are Rationalist Nazis. Hitler wanted to cleans Germany of Migrants, Jews, Religions, and Filth. Lets face it, Jobbik wants the same, but are changing their idem to make people think they are none agressive. Wake up JOBBIK, people are not as dense as you make them out to be, or are they!!! Once a nationalist always a nationist.

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