A planned change to the labour code that would increase the overtime threshold from 250 hours a year to 400 hours is “anti-family and anti-life”, an opposition Jobbik MP told a press conference on Friday.

As we wrote yesterday, a bill submitted to parliament by lawmakers of the ruling Fidesz that would raise the upper threshold for annual overtime from 250 to 400 hours. Also, employers would only have to compensate employees every three years for overtime instead of the current 12 months. Read more HERE.

Tamás Pintér said Jobbik will initiate talks with trade unions with a view to thwarting the planned changes billed by two ruling Fidesz party MPs.

Pintér insisted that the proposal, if passed into law, would leave employees one day off each month rather than per week, and allow employers to pay overtime only once every three years, with employees potentially required to work 14 months in a single year.

Pintér also criticised proponents of the changes for not consulting trade unions and employers.

Source: MTI

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