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Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary has presented the English version of the party’s EP election programme titled “Safe Europe, Free Hungary!” to the foreign media representatives working in Hungary.

Press release – Followed with a great interest by the international press, the programme outlined that Europe had arrived at a crossroads as the next European Parliamentary term must address major issues regarding the EU’s identity, goals and the international relations of its member states as well as the economic challenges.

As the press release said,

Jobbik believes that the European Union must return to the ideals of its founding fathers and become a fairer community with more solidarity; a cooperation that provides safety and prosperity for its members.

Consequently, the key elements of our programme include measures related to ensuring security, managing the migration challenge, focusing on reducing the wage gap, creating a real cohesion, joining the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, stepping up against fake news and protecting Europe’s endemic national minorities.

Unlike Fidesz, which has clearly placed a strategic emphasis on inciting confrontation and leading Hungary out of the European Union,

Jobbik aims for a more seamlessly functioning European Union while creating a more democratic and free Hungary; a country which ensures security and predictability in the daily lives of its citizens.

To read the programme, click here.

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Source: Jobbik – press release

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