Budapest, August 26 (MTI) – The radical nationalist Jobbik party has proposed amending the constitution so that the armed forces can be mobilised without any legal uncertainties to protect Hungary’s border, party leader Gabor Vona said on Wednesday.

Hungary should make it clear that it does not allow illegal migrants to cross its territory and is turning them back en masse, he told a press conference.

Vona asked Prime Minister Viktor Orban to convene parliamentary party leaders and policymakers to try to reach a consensus on the migration issue.

The Jobbik leader said “it is obvious for everyone other than the left” that the current situation could lead to an administrative, security and public health disaster. Should parliament come up with a meaningful solution, Jobbik’s representatives will provide the votes needed for a two-third majority, he said.

Vona said border protection requires soldiers who have the authority and means to turn back illegal migrants. When asked what he meant by the latter, Vona said he was not referring to the use of deadly weapons, but rather to non-lethal ones such as water cannons or tear gas. He said Hungary was only experiencing the beginning of a larger migration wave which is likely to grow, making Hungary a destination country unless proper action is taken.

Vona said Hungary should not wait for a common European solution, which he said would only be achieved by the time it is too late, and judging from prior experience, would be ineffective. Due to the extraordinary circumstances, Hungary has the moral grounds to overrule its international obligations, he added.

Photo: MTI


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  1. Very good idea. go ahead irrewspective what the remaining EU-countries say.

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