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Conservative opposition Jobbik will initiate making basic bank transactions free for customers with an average or lower income, MP Dániel Z Karpat said in Budapest on Saturday.

Speaking at a press conference, Z Kárpát said research conducted by the National Bank of Hungary confirms that banking costs in proportion to income are the highest in Hungary in a European comparison. He said it was alarming that among people with a lower income, German and Spanish account-holders pay one-third and Danish customers about one-fourth of Hungarian banking costs in proportion to their income.

Therefore, Jobbik would like to see bank transfers and other basic transactions offered free of charge at least to customers with an average or lower income, and proposes that the government and the central bank should strive to reduce banking fees in general.

Jobbik believes the government should also take action in order to stop evictions, noting that over 10,000 Hungarian families were evicted over the past three years due to “abuses” by financial institutions.

Source: MTI

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