Budapest, October 30 (MTI) – The radical nationalist Jobbik party has urged the government to start a housing programme involving rental, utilising vacant flats and building new homes.

Deputy leader Daniel Z Karpat told a press conference that first a state-subsidised home rental scheme was needed which would allow people to rent homes at half or third of the market price. Such a scheme would give a boost to the construction sector also, he said.

Karpat said the second step would be to assess the current stock of vacant apartments. He estimated that several hundreds of thousands of properties owned by the state, local councils and private individuals are empty, and according to Karpat, tens of thousands of such homes could be utilised.

The party’s third proposal is to reduce the VAT on building materials for new homes and for refurbishment projects from the current 27 percent to 5 percent. Karpat said this would enable building homes at significantly lower cost.

He said it was shocking that while net average monthly salaries were around 155,000 – 160,000 forints (EUR 500-516) , the average monthly rent in Budapest and large cities, without utility bills, was 110,000 – 150,000 forints.


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