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Budapest, April 13 (MTI) – Opposition Jobbik is preparing to submit to parliament a proposal that would allow a renegotiation of foreign currency loans between banks and debtors, the party’s deputy leader said on Thursday.

The bill would enable banks and debtors to reach an agreement on extending the maturity of loans and rescheduling borrowers’ debts, Dániel Z Kárpát said.

He said a future law would establish that debts are to be settled in forints converted at the exchange rate that was valid on the loan disbursement date.

Z Kárpát said the debts borrowers were amassing due to the exchange rate cap were unjustified and proposed that those debts should be taken over by the banks.

Asked about Jobbik’s decision to back an appeal to the Constitutional Court over the recently amended law on higher education, Z Kárpát said his party was always ready to support appeals for legal remedy. He said there were no disagreements within the party over the matter, adding that Jobbik had been consistent in its view that “the network of [US financier George] Soros and intellectual well-poisoning” must not be allowed to gain ground in Hungary.

Z Kárpát stressed that Jobbik’s backing of an appeal to the top court did not mean that the party was standing up for “the Soros network” or Budapest’s Central European University, seen as impacted by the amendments. Any intelligent proposal will be backed by Jobbik, he insisted.

Source: MTI

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