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Jobbik is submitting a comprehensive legislation package to the Parliament to make sure that pedophiles and sexual criminals get stricter punishments. For example, individuals convicted for pedophilia would never be allowed to work near children, even as maintenance staff in a school, as Jobbik MP Andrea Varga-Damm explained in her press conference held in front of the Court of Justice in Veszprém.

Referring to the tragedy of the little girl brutally murdered in Sóly, she stated that individuals committing such bestial acts should never be allowed to walk free again. If there’s justice in the world, pedophile murderers should never get back to society.

The politician of the largest opposition party also announced that the party was going to re-submit the bill on medical hormone therapy for pedophiles. 

She noted that Fidesz had always swept off Jobbik’s propositions in this regard because the governing party did not care about the full protection of the future generations. Ms Varga-Damm explained that the medical hormone therapy can minimize the chance of repeat offences. This is not a Hungarian idea as it is already applied in Germany, Switzerland, the UK and Poland as well.

The Jobbik MP said the protection of our children had an utmost priority, it was much more important than the rights of criminal offenders.

Noting that the US and Poland have already been using a public database in this regard, she suggested that Hungary should adopt this practice because it enabled citizens and employers to look into the data of individuals convicted for sexual crimes to find out if there were such criminals living in their neighbourhood. To protect our children, we all have the right to know this, Ms Varga-Damm emphasized.

Source: www.jobbik.com

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