Budapest (MTI) – House Speaker Laszlo Kover violated Parliament’s house rules when he banned Elod Novak, a deputy of radical nationalist Jobbik, from the assembly for two weeks over loud remarks Novak had made in the lobby.

Tamas Sneider, Jobbik’s deputy leader, said that under the law Parliament could ban deputies for a given day but not for a longer period. He added that other MPs had also been loud, still, they got away unpunished.

At Kover’s initiative, the assembly voted 94:31, with one abstention, to exclude Novak, after the deputy interrupted a state secretary’s response to a question by shouting “the government is lying”.

The question and the official’s response related to Bela Biszku, a former communist leader, who, according to Novak, still enjoys a generous state pension.

Photo: MTI


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