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Jobbik submits bill on banning politicians from top sport positions

Jobbik submits bill on banning politicians from top sport positions

Opposition Jobbik submitted on Saturday a bill that bans politicians from filling leadership posts at sport organisations, a party lawmaker said.

György Szilágyi told a press conference that under their motion, parliamentary deputies, government commissioners, local government officials and MEPs would be prohibited from serving in top positions of a sport federation or a sport club.

He said that the ruling Fidesz party had been seeking “to exert control” over all sport branches in Hungary, thereby causing a lot of damage to the industry as a whole.

“In a democratic society leadership in sports is strictly separated from leadership in politics, and this is how the system should also work in Hungary in the interest of sports as a profession,” Szilágyi said.

Fina Aristic

He said that the FINA World Aquatics Championships Hungary hosted last month had been a success, but it was important to scrutinise how the funds allocated for the event had exactly been spent.

Source: MTI

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  1. Vedo

    @Clown Inc.
    Or that should be the new name for the Jobbik party, the Clown Inc. party. Seems every time their in the news, they have to create a new law on politicians, as if they were gods themselves. The eyes of the leader seem to make me think he’s possessed by the anti-christ himself, what a joke!!! There are a lot of Mad Clowns running around these days, maybe they should start arresting some of them, before they cause any harm.

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