Gábor Vona expressed his opinion about Lex CEU on his Facebook page. Jobbik rejects Soros’ ideology but so does it condemn Fidesz’ “Bolshevik agenda”, too.

Jobbik’s president summarized his opinion on the matter in 5 points.

1. Jobbik rejects George Soros’ activities and has consistently been opposed to them ever since its foundation. (Unlike Fidesz with its Soros scholarships.)

2. Jobbik supports the concept of foreign-funded education institutions functioning as transparently and lawfully as possible.

3. But! This current bill is not about George Soros and the CEU but Viktor Orbán’s Bolshevik agenda. Today it’s the CEU, tomorrow it’s someone else. Jobbik’s government will conduct its ideological debates in a civilized manner, not by banning universities.

4. Orbán puts Hungarian education institutions operating abroad in a grave situation and gives a trump card to the anti-Hungarian elements there. This is a hugely irresponsible act!

5. The Prime Minister is taking Hungary into yet another totally unnecessary international scandal and confrontation instead of focusing on the vital matter of the wages and supporting Jobbik’s initiative for a European Wage Union. We do have to fight for Hungarian freedom but not in unnecessary marginal battlegrounds but in the issue which put our people into huge debts and drove them away from the country: the humiliatingly low wages!

Source: Jobbik – press release

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